Benefits And Harms Of Eating Yogurt

Yogurt is a very tasty food. This dairy food is preferred by almost everyone. There are pros and cons of eating yogurt. In today’s post, we will know in detail about the Benefits And Harms Of Eating Yogurt, the right rules for eating yogurt, why to eat sour yogurt.

There are many benefits of eating yogurt. This delicious food is as delicious as it is very important for the body. Eating yogurt fulfills the needs of many essential things in our body. If we keep dairy products in our diet regularly, we can enjoy many health benefits. Yogurt is very effective for both health and beauty. For example: strengthens bones, aids in digestion, lowers blood pressure, boosts immunity and helps in weight loss. Also, there are many other benefits. We will know them in detail step by step.

Yogurt has nutritional properties similar to milk. As an alternative to milk we can eat curd. So let’s discuss the various nutritional properties and benefits and drawbacks of yogurt.

Benefits And Harms Of Eating Yogurt

Yogurt is a very important ingredient for our body. Just as by eating milk almost all the needs of the body are fulfilled, in the same way by eating curd all the needs of the body are fulfilled. Yogurt contains many important ingredients, which directly affect the body. It contains phosphorus, iron, lactose and other elements. From the table below you will get an idea about the amount of all the ingredients present in yogurt.

Nutrition MaterialPer 100 Grams
Fat2 Grams
Sugar20 Grams
Protein8-9 Grams
Vitamin D20 Grams
Calcium20 Grams
Benefits And Harms Of Eating Yogurt

Benefits Of Eating Sour Yogurt in The Morning

The ingredients in yogurt are very important for our body. There are many benefits of eating sour yogurt in the morning. If you eat a moderate amount of curd every morning, the body will stay cool throughout the day, meeting the needs of various elements. It will help you lose weight. If someone wants to lose weight, then he must eat yogurt. Many doctors recommend eating yogurt for weight loss.

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Many suffer from bone loss. Yogurt is rich in calcium and vitamin D. It is able to strengthen the bones by preventing the loss of all the bones in our body. Calcium prevents bone loss in our body and vitamin D is a very beneficial element for the body. After milk, curd is considered a balanced food.

Many people do not want to digest food. If you eat sour yogurt in the morning, it will help you in digestion. Yogurt helps in improving digestion. This is also a benefit of eating yogurt. Yogurt contains numerous beneficial bacteria. These bacteria do not harm our body. Rather, it helps in digestion of food. Also, these bacteria boost the body’s immune system.

What Happens If You Eat Sour Yogurt At Night?

If you have digestive problems, it is better not to eat curd at night. Eat sour curd mixed with sugar at night. This will not cause digestive problems. However, it is better not to eat curd at night. Because, according to Ayurveda scriptures, mucus accumulates in the throat after eating curd after evening. Eating curd at night can make you feel cold. If you get cold, it can cause various diseases including fever, cold. Apart from the chills, there are no problems. So, you can eat yogurt at night if you want.

Benefits Of Eating Yogurt During Pregnancy

Many people wonder if there are any benefits of eating yogurt during pregnancy. Does eating yogurt during pregnancy cause any harm to mother and baby? Since curd is a substitute for milk, it does not do much harm to our body. If a mother consumes curd during pregnancy or newborn, the additional needs of her and the baby will be fulfilled. Yogurt is a very beneficial food for the physical health of mother and child. Yogurt boosts immunity, improves digestion. As a result, you can be protected from various diseases.

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There are no harmful side effects of consuming yogurt during pregnancy, rather there are many benefits. Since eating yogurt boosts immunity, it is better to prevent than to cure the disease after it occurs.

What Can Be Eaten With Sour Yogurt?

You can eat sour yogurt mixed with any food. You can eat sour yogurt after eating a heavy meal. This will help in digestion. You can eat different types of salad, such as carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes mixed with salt and sour yogurt. As borhani, you can make sorbet by mixing sour curd with beet salt, mint batter, red pepper powder, etc. Borhani is a very popular drink. Yogurt is used while cooking various curries. This increases the nutritional value and taste of the curry.

Rules For Eating Sour Yogurt

If we want to eat sour yogurt, we should eat according to the rules. Because, if you do something without following the rules, you will not get much benefit from that work. There are many benefits of eating sour yogurt. So, you have to eat sour yogurt according to the right rules. Sour yogurt is mainly eaten in the morning or after lunch. By doing this, all nutrients are effective in our body, digestion is helped. Whenever you eat sour yogurt, do not eat more than 300 grams to 500 grams. Eating anything in excess is never good for the body.

Yogurt is a very useful and nutritious food. So yogurt should be eaten in moderation. Eating too much curd will be counterproductive. You can make sorbet or borhani with yogurt and eat it. As I have already mentioned above, you can mix yogurt with any food. However, it is better to eat only curd. It provides taste and complete nutrition.

Disadvantages Of Eating Yogurt

The disadvantages of curd are much more than its benefits. As far as harm is concerned, there is no particular harm in eating curd. However, if you consume a lot of yogurt, it will have an adverse effect on the body. It is better not to eat curd for those who have gout. Because, eating curd increases the pain in every joint of the body. So, if you want to eat curd with arthritis pain, then definitely consult a doctor.

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Diabetics should consume curd only after consulting a doctor. Because yogurt has a lot of sweetness. It is harmful for diabetics. So, if you are a diabetic, definitely consult a doctor. There is no problem with sour yogurt. However, this problem is more in case of sweet yogurt. It is better not to eat too much sweet curd.

Yogurt will play a very important role in filling up the deficiency of various elements in your body by eating moderate amount of yogurt without eating excessive amount of yogurt. There are many benefits of eating yogurt. I have already discussed these.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people ask various questions about the benefits and harms of eating yogurt, when to eat yogurt, the nutritional value of yogurt. Some of these questions will be answered below.

What Are The Benefits Of Eating Sour Yogurt?

There are many benefits of eating sour yogurt. Sour yogurt strengthens bones, aids in digestion, lowers blood pressure, boosts immunity and aids in weight loss. Constantly balanced amount of sour yogurt is able to improve our body.

At What Time is it Better To Eat Yogurt?

It is better to eat yogurt in the morning or in the afternoon. In this way, the ingredients in curd are properly functional in our body. Eating curd at night can cause cold, so curd should be consumed during the day. Eating curd after lunch helps to improve digestion.

What are The Disadvantages Of Eating Yogurt?

The benefits of eating yogurt are the most. The problem is, taking too much can lead to colds and various ailments. For example: Arthritis, throat problems like tonsils can occur.

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