Benefits of Eating Raw Banana for Health

More than one thousand varieties of bananas are produced all over the world. Just as ripe bananas have many benefits, raw bananas also have many benefits. In this post, we are talking about the benefits of eating raw bananas and the use of raw bananas.

Raw bananas are green in color. It has many properties like fiber, vitamin-C, vitamin-B6, pro-vitamin-A, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and phenolic compounds. So let’s learn about the benefits of eating raw bananas without delay.

Let’s start with the benefits of raw bananas.

Benefits of raw bananas

Here we are constantly talking about the benefits of eating raw bananas. But before that, let me say that the symptoms of many diseases can be reduced by consuming it. It is by no means a perfect cure for these diseases.

Benefits of raw banana to increase digestion: Eating raw banana improves digestion. It is rich in fiber and resistant starch. Both of these help to increase the efficiency of the digestive system as well as help to digest food faster. Also, it can help in overcoming many stomach related ailments.

Benefits of eating raw banana to reduce appetite and weight: Increased appetite and weight gain are considered to be complementary. Raw bananas help in controlling appetite as well as weight loss.

It contains some amount of fiber and the fiber is not digested quickly, which makes the stomach full for a long time. In this condition there is no desire to eat anything, due to which the weight can be reduced even a little bit.

Let’s make it clear that weight loss is not possible just by eating raw bananas. In addition to this, regular exercise and a balanced diet is also required. If the problem is serious then treatment should be arranged.

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Controls Sugar: High blood sugar can lead to diabetes. Raw bananas can be eaten to survive this condition. It contains a good amount of resistant starch and fiber. Resistant starch and fiber help reduce blood sugar levels.

It also has anti-diabetic properties that can be helpful in reducing the risk of diabetes. In addition, if someone has a problem with diabetes, then he must take treatment immediately after eating raw bananas.

Benefits of raw banana in gastrointestinal diseases: Gastrointestinal disorders include diseases such as constipation, hemorrhoids, infectious diseases, diarrhea and colon cancer. Anyone can be infected with this disease. Eating raw bananas helps to fight all these problems and reduce their symptoms somewhat.

According to a medical report published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), raw bananas are high in fiber and starch, both of which are thought to reduce the effects of gastrointestinal disease. Remember that if the problem is serious, you must consult a doctor.

Cancer Prevention: Cancer can be fatal if not treated at the right time. There is nothing better than natural alternatives to avoid cancer in such situations and raw bananas can be relied upon for this.

The benefits of raw banana are effective in preventing cancer. According to a medical report published in the NCBI, raw banana flour contains resistant starch, which can boost immunity. It also helps prevent colon cancer.

For a healthy heart: Rising cholesterol and blood pressure can cause serious heart disease. At the same time, the quality of maintaining the health of the heart is also found in raw bananas.

It contains a good amount of fiber, which can control the rising cholesterol. Also, raw bananas have nutritional properties, which help to play a protective role in cardiovascular problems.

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For skin: Besides health, raw banana is also beneficial for skin. One study suggests that bananas are rich in a variety of vitamins and antioxidants, which help eliminate facial wrinkles. Not only this, with the help of this medicine you can get rid of acne.

For hair: Bananas are beneficial in hair care. In fact, bananas are considered as a rich source of carbohydrates, potassium, and vitamins. These nutrients can keep hair healthy and soft. These nourish the hair, and prevent it from breaking down.

After knowing the benefits of eating raw banana, we are talking about the nutritional value present in it.

Nutrition value of raw banana

Here we report through a table what nutrients are found in raw bananas:

NutrientsAmount per 100 g
Water74.91 gms
Energy89 kcal
Protein1.09 g
Fat0.33 g
Carbohydrates22.84 grams
Fiber2.6 g
Sugar12.23 grams
Starch5 grams
Calcium5 mg
Iron0.26 mg
Magnesium27 mg
Phosphorus22 mg
Potassium358 mg
Sodium1 mg
Zinc0.15 mg
Copper0.078 mg
Manganese0.27 g
Selenium1 microgram
Fluoride2.2 mg
Vitamin C8.7 mg
Thiamine0.031 mg
Riboflavin0.073 mg
Vitamin B60.367 mg
Vitamin E0.1 mg
Vitamin K0.5 g

After learning about the nutritional value of raw banana, find out how you can use it.

Rules for eating raw bananas

Raw bananas can be used to make a variety of foods. Here we are talking about some of its special uses.

In many vegetables and foods, you can use raw bananas instead of potatoes to make them more palatable.
You can make delicious tikki with raw bananas.
Raw banana kofta is often eaten with gusto everywhere.


Raw bananas can be eaten from 225 grams to 260 grams per day. Of course, a scientific study states the amount of food to eat per day, but it would be good to ask a dietitian about the amount.

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After learning the advantages and disadvantages of using raw bananas, we came to know about the disadvantages of raw bananas.

Disadvantages of raw banana

There are many benefits to eating raw bananas, but only if you eat the right amount. Eating too much raw banana can hurt you, for example:

Of course, the amount of fiber in raw bananas is 2.6 grams, but if raw bananas are eaten in large quantities regularly, the digestive system becomes unable to digest the fiber. It can cause gas, bloating and stomach cramps.

Raw bananas can reduce the amount of sugar present in the blood. So those who have low sugar problems, they must consult a doctor before eating it to avoid any kind of harmful effects.

People with allergies to bananas should not eat it.

You have learned in this post how to benefit from playing raw banana. Of course, it can protect against many diseases, but it cannot cure any disease. Also, eating raw bananas is beneficial only when a balanced lifestyle is followed.

So why delay, if you also want to take advantage of raw bananas, then include it in your diet as soon as possible on the advice of a doctor. We hope you enjoyed this post with information about raw bananas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can raw bananas be eaten raw?

Yes, raw bananas can be eaten.

Raw bananas are rich in iron?

Yes, raw bananas contain a lot of iron.

What happens when you play with raw bananas?

Raw bananas are good for your health. It will get relief from all the problems related to digestion and heart and will get rid of all the above problems.

Is raw banana good for weight loss?

Yes, raw bananas are beneficial for weight loss.

How does raw banana taste?

The taste of raw bananas is similar to the taste of potatoes.

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