Benefits of Pepper for Health and Nutrition

The benefits of pepper is explained in simple sentences here. There is no house where chili is not used. It is considered to be the queen of spices. We can make any vegetable whether the vegetable is dried or juicy or from salt to soup etc.

Pepper is definitely used in every meal. Pepper is not only used for flavoring in food but also very beneficial for health. Pepper is also a good medicine. It has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for a long time. In fact, it is included in the diet because of its medicinal properties. Pepper is also used to cure diseases.

Pepper has many medicinal benefits. It destroys arthritis and phlegm and removes phlegm and air. It increases appetite, digests food, heals the liver and relieves pain and stomach worms.

It increases urination and destroys asthma. As it is sharp and hot, it produces saliva in the mouth and purifies the source by removing feces from all sources of the body. Let’s find out how the disease can be cured using pepper.

What is pepper?

Pepper is a medicinal spice. It is also called black pepper. It looks small, round and black. It tastes very spicy.

It yields about two crops a year. The first crop is in August-September and the second in March-April. There are two types of pepper sold in the market – white pepper and black pepper.

According to Ayurveda, the effect of black pepper is not cold or hot, but in some places it has been described as a hot effect.

Some people consider white pepper to be a special species of black pepper. Some people consider Moringa seeds as white pepper. White pepper is a different form of black pepper.

Black pepper is made from half ripe fruit and the whole ripe fruit is soaked in water and rubbed by hand to remove the skin and it becomes white pepper. With the removal of the skin its warming effect is somewhat reduced and its properties become somewhat softer.

Botanical name of the pepper (Marich Herb) Piper nigrum (Piper nigrum Linn.) In Latin. It is a plant of the Piperaceae family.

The benefits of peppers and eating rules

You also get many benefits from using peppers in your diet. For example, peppers are used in all foods made on cold days to protect against colds and sore throats. Pepper is useful for impotence, menorrhagia, skin diseases, fever and leprosy.

It is especially beneficial for the eyes. Massage with peppermint oil is very beneficial in joint pain, arthritis, paralysis and itching. Here is how to use it in different diseases: –

Pepper is useful to relieve headaches: Place a pepper at the tip of a needle and light a lamp. The smell of smoke emitted from it relieves headaches. It also stops hiccups. Pepper proves to be very beneficial in headaches.

Migraine pain is also cured by crushing red pepper with Bhringraj juice or rice water and applying it on the forehead.

The benefits of pepper in curing head lice: In case of hair lice, crush 10-12 coriander leaves and 5-6 black pepper and mix it with mustard oil. Apply to hair roots before going to bed at night. Wash and clean your hair in the morning.

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If hair falls on the head, it is beneficial to crush the pepper with onion and salt. There is a full post on our website on how to stop hair loss, read on.

Benefits of Pepper in Fighting Cough and Cold: Mix 2 grams black pepper powder with hot milk and candy or swallow seven grains to get relief from cold and cough.

Mix 50 g yogurt, 15-20 g molasses and 1.5 g red chili powder. Playing 3-4 times a day gives relief in the cold.

Benefits of pepper in eye diseases: Grinding red chili with sour curd and applying it on the eyes like kajal is beneficial in night blindness. Apply it out of the eyes very carefully.

To enhance eyesight, lick half to 1 gram of chili every morning, add 1 teaspoon of ghee and candy as required. Drink milk later. It is beneficial in eye diseases.

If there is acne on the eyelids, rubbing red pepper in water cures acne.

Half a gram of black pepper powder mixed with a teaspoon of ghee cures various eye diseases.

The benefits of pepper to relieve toothache: Grind 1-2 grams chili powder with 3-4 berry or guava leaves or poppy seeds. Gargling with it cures toothache. This test is also useful for sore throats and hoarseness.

Mix rock salt, red pepper, honey and lemon juice and apply it on the palate to get rid of mouth sores.

Treatment of asthma-cough by eating red pepper: Mix 2-3 grams black pepper powder with honey and ghee. Morning-evening licking relieves cold, common cough, asthma and chest pain. It removes phlegm that accumulates in the lungs.

Cooking 2 grams of black pepper powder in 200 ml of cow’s milk is beneficial for asthma and cough.

If you have frequent coughing and difficulty in swallowing food, then gargle with black pepper decoction 2-3 times a day.

Add 2 parts black pepper powder, 2 parts paprika powder, 4 parts pomegranate peel and 1 part barley powder. Make 1-1 gram tablets by mixing 8 parts molasses in it. It is taken three times a day to relieve a sore throat (a painful cough).

Sucking 2-3 peppercorns in the mouth is beneficial for sore throat and cough.

The benefits of pepper to stop diarrhea: Finely grind one part black pepper powder and one part fried hing. Make a 125 mg tablet by mixing two parts of pure camphor. Giving 1-1 tablet in half an hour interval is beneficial in the early stages of cholera.

Thoroughly grind 1 g of black pepper powder and 1 g of toasted hing. Mix 12 grams of opium with honey and make 12 tablets. Give 1-1 tablet 1 hour apart. It’s not too long. It is also very useful in diarrhea. Due to the presence of opium, use it with caution.

Mix 1/2 gram black pepper powder, 1/4 gram asafoetida and 100 mg opium. Playing with water or honey in the morning, afternoon and evening is beneficial for diarrhea.

The use of black pepper is beneficial in stomach ailments: Eating 2-3 grams of black pepper powder with 1 cup of buttermilk on an empty stomach in the morning kills stomach worms.

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Grind 8-10 black peppers with 5-7 grams of mustard leaves. Drinking it relieves stomach pain and bloating due to gas.

Strain half a lemon in a cup of water. Mix 5-6 black pepper powder in it and drink it after a morning and evening meal, it is beneficial for stomach gas, increase appetite etc.

Mix black pepper powder with equal parts of dried ginger, paprika, cumin and rock salt. Consumption of 1-1 gram with hot water after a meal is beneficial in indigestion.

Black pepper, dried ginger, paprika and myrobalan powder mixed with honey or drinking its decoction is beneficial in indigestion and flatulence.

Use of black pepper in piles is beneficial: Mix 2 g black pepper powder, 1 g fried cumin, 15 g honey or sugar. Playing twice with buttermilk or hot water is beneficial in piles disease.

Mix 25 g black pepper powder, 35 g fried cumin powder and 180 g pure honey. Make it avale (chutney). Take 3 to 6 grams three times a day. It is beneficial in piles disease.

Add rock salt to the mixture of black pepper and cumin. It relieves piles by playing with buttermilk twice a day for 3-4 months. It cures weakness or aging piles or goosebumps (glaucoma). It cures digestion and gastritis. This use is also useful in constipation and flatulence.

Use one gram of black pepper powder with honey thrice a day. This stops the discharge from the anus.

The use of pepper in urinary tract diseases is beneficial: Grind one gram of black pepper and equal amount of cucumber or cucumber seeds in 10-15 ml of water. Mix sugar in it and drink it. Beneficial for burning sensation in urine, pain in urination etc.

Health benefits of black pepper in impotence: Put 8-10 black peppers in a glass of milk. If it is boiled well and taken regularly in the morning and evening, semen disorder will be cured. Its amount may decrease during the summer season.

Use pepper to dry the wound: When black pepper is crushed in water and applied on boils and acne, the wound dries up. This allows the wound to heal faster and the swelling to go away.

Mix black pepper powder in any VAT sedative oil. It is very beneficial to massage it on the paralyzed limb. Benefits of eating black pepper is very useful to get rid of numbness in the face.

Increases physical strength by eliminating weakness: Eat 4-5 grains of black pepper, dried ginger, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom mixed with a small amount to get rid of weakness, laziness, apathy etc. Boil like tea. Drinking it mixed with milk and sugar is beneficial. The medicinal properties of black pepper prove to be very useful in overcoming weakness.

The use of pepper in the fight against fever: Make a decoction by mixing 1-3 grams of black pepper powder in half a liter of water and 20 grams of sugar candy until the eighth part remains. Playing in the morning, afternoon and evening is beneficial in general fever i.e. viral fever.

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Grind 5 grains of black pepper, one gram of caramel seeds and 10 grams of green gillo in 250 ml of water and strain it. It is beneficial in high fever.

One gram of black pepper powder mixed with honey thrice a day relieves fever and flatulence.

Beneficial to increase body nutrition: According to Ayurveda, black pepper has properties that improve the body’s nutrition, especially the quality of the lamp, which helps to nourish the body by increasing the fire of digestion.

Round black pepper is beneficial for weight loss: If you are worried about gaining weight, then eating black pepper may be beneficial for you. Because according to a study an ingredient found in black pepper helps reduce fat.

Medicinal properties of black pepper to reduce arthritis pain: Black pepper is a good remedy for reducing arthritis pain, because according to Ayurveda, black pepper has anti-arthritic properties. Which is why it helps reduce arthritis pain. In Ayurveda, gout is considered as a major disease of arthritis.

Black pepper is beneficial in the treatment of cancer: The use of black pepper can help you prevent the spread of cancer, because black pepper has anti-cancer properties that help prevent the spread of cancer.

The beneficial part of chili is:


Uses and dosage of chili:

powder – 1-2 g

Consult an Ayurvedic doctor before using black pepper as medicine.

Pepper Side Effects

Black pepper should not be used in this disease: –

  • Wounds
  • Acidity
  • Bloody hemorrhoids
  • Stage of pregnancy

Frequently Asked Questions about Black Pepper.

Is it beneficial to eat red pepper in the morning?

According to Ayurvedic experts, eating black pepper in the morning is beneficial. Especially in the winter season, drinking black pepper tea in the morning relieves phlegm. It has the property of reducing phlegm, due to which drinking tea with black pepper gives relief to the throat.

How to use black pepper to get rid of coughing?

If you are suffering from cough and you are not getting relief from cough even after taking many home remedies, then use black pepper. Black pepper is a sure way to get rid of coughing.

For this, mix a little honey in black pepper powder and drink it. Both black pepper and honey have a lot of expectorant properties. So its consumption relieves cough very quickly.

How to use black pepper to get rid of colds?

In winter, people often suffer from cold. Doctors say that it is more effective to take home remedies instead of taking medicine for cold and cough.

According to Ayurvedic experts, if you have a problem with colds, eat black pepper mixed with tea. Black pepper tea also tastes good and its warming effect helps reduce the symptoms of cold and flu.

Does playing black pepper increase immunity?

Consumption of black pepper not only reduces the problem of phlegm, but also increases the body’s ability to fight disease. You can eat black pepper in different ways to increase immunity. You can eat it as a spice if you want or you can add it to tea or mix it with honey.

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