The Benefits of Bananas for Health and Beauty

Tell me, what is the most popular fruit in the world? The answer is bananas. Not only that, but the banana is also called the queen of fruits as it is the best in terms of production, taste, and aroma. This wonderful fruit has many benefits.

Throughout the post, there will be details about the benefits of bananas. Bananas are also known as “superfoods” as they are rich in fiber and vitamins.

According to a survey, bananas are the second most eaten breakfast food after eggs.

Banana cultivation is quite fruitful not only as a nutritious food but also as a cash crop. There is a saying of the miner “banana ruye na keto pat, tatei kapar tatei bhat”.

Bananas have two parts. The upper green (yellow when ripe) coating is called the husk and the soft white part of the inner is called pulp, which acts as edible after ripening. The most widely grown banana variety in the world is called Gros Michel .

According to agricultural scientists, about 40-50 varieties of banana are cultivated in Bangladesh. Among these, Amritsagar, Sabri, Kabari, Champa, Singapore or Kabuli, Mehersagar, Ante or Bichikala, Kanchkala or Anajikala, Joint Governor are notable.

Contains a large banana (8-9 inches)

120 calories of food energy, 490 mg of potassium which meets 19% of a woman’s daily potassium requirement and 15% of a man’s daily requirement.

The benefits of bananas

Nutrition Values of Bananas

Bananas have numerous nutritional value. According to nutritionists, the nutritional value of 100 grams of banana is as follows: –

Nutrients Per 100 gms
food energy109 kcal
protein8 grams
sugar25 grams
fat0.6 grams
vitamin B-10.10 mg
vitamin-C2.4 mg
vitamin A60 micrograms
vitamin B-20.05 mg
calcium13 mg

The Benefits of Different Types of Bananas

the benefits of bananas

Banana is a famous fruit of different countries of the world including Bangladesh. Banana is cultivated in almost all regions of Bangladesh. There are more than 50 species of bananas. In this post you will find out about the benefits of some of the known and famous species of banana. Then let’s find out

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Benefits of Sarabi banana

Sarabi banana ranks first in terms of taste and nutritional value. Its benefits cannot be overstated. However, it is more beneficial for children and adults. Its yield is not everywhere. So its price is relatively high.

The benefits of sea bananas

Among the different types of bananas, sea banana is one of the benefits. It is the most widely cultivated and is found all over Bangladesh. Sea banana is a fruit rich in nutrients. Everything from its bark to ash is good for our health. The main benefits of sea banana are: –

  • Eliminates blood pressure problems,
  • Increases digestion and eliminates digestive problems,
  • Eliminates muscle problems, helps build strong muscles,
  • Relieves physical and emotional stress in pregnant women,
  • Works to maintain the body’s nutrients,
  • Sea banana acts as a natural antacid for gastric or peptic ulcer patients.
  • The benefits of pressed bananas
  • Keeps nerves fresh and increases mental efficiency,
  • Helps prevent cancer,
  • Increases the bones of the body,
  • Works as a natural remedy for headaches and rheumatic pains,
  • Eliminates anemia and prevents stroke,
  • Relieves constipation.
  • Benefits of glass art or non-glass art
  • Glass can be used as a dietary supplement for ulcers, diarrhea, indigestion and even blood pressure.
  • The “short chain fatty acids” in the vitreous help the body absorb nutrients,
  • Eliminates bad stomach bacteria,
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease,

Benefits of Singapore Buck Kabuli Banana

  • These bananas contain a lot of iron which eliminates anemia,
  • It contains a lot of potassium which provides oxygen to the brain,
  • Enhances skin beauty and regulates blood pressure,
  • Eliminates nutritional deficiencies in the body by providing essential vitamins,
  • Benefits of glue or attia or beech
  • Controls blood pressure and keeps the body cool,
  • Eliminates worm problems,
  • Used as a diet for ulcers, dysentery and diabetes,
  • Helps prevent leprosy and hysteria,
  • This banana is also used as a diet in Ayurvedic medicine.
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Benefits of banana peel

Many people misuse banana peel without knowing its benefits. After eating the banana, throw the peel where it belongs. But even though it sounds strange, banana peels have many medicinal properties. Let’s learn about those qualities,

To relieve fatigue: Banana peel contains serotonin which relieves fatigue in the body.

For smooth skin: Applying the inner part of banana peel on the face makes the skin smooth and soft.

For white teeth: Thinking about yellow teeth. Brush your teeth with the inner part of the collar shell and you will see that the teeth have started turning white. Not only this, it also strengthens the teeth.

To get rid of acne: Mix banana peel with honey and rub it well on the face to get rid of acne and facial scars.

Treatment of Psoriasis: Experts say that banana peel can be used as an antidote for difficult skin diseases like psoriasis.
Grandfather ‘s medicine: Banana peel also works as a medicine for grandparents.

Rubbing banana peel on the itchy area will stop the itching and with regular use the ringworm will heal faster. Banana peel is also very effective in relieving acne and even as a painkiller.

Read more:

Raw bananas vs ripe bananas

Raw bananaRipe banana
Raw bananas are high in fiber.On the other hand, the amount of fiber is less in ripe bananas.
Raw bananas are high in calcium and iron.Ripe bananas contain high amounts of sugar.
Raw bananas help to prevent ulcers, diarrhea, and indigestion.Ripe bananas help to prevent tumors and cancer.
Vitreous insulin sensitive.Ripe bananas are rich in more antioxidants.
Glass contains probiotic bacteria which improve health.Cooking regulates blood pressure in the body.


But whether it is raw or ripe banana, it is like a beacon of nutrition in both. So eat bananas every day, stay healthy. Fill nutritional deficiencies. You learned a lot about the benefits of bananas from this post.

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