The Benefits of Cinnamon and Their Uses

This post describes the benefits of cinnamon and their uses. You must have heard the name of Cinnamon. Usually people use cinnamon only as a spice, because people are not fully aware of the benefits of cinnamon. Cinnamon has been described in Ayurveda as a very beneficial medicine. According to Ayurveda, cinnamon can be used to treat many diseases.

What is cinnamon?

Cinnamon is a spice. Cinnamon bark is thinner, yellower and more fragrant than bark. It is soft and smooth in color. When the fruit is peeled, it smells like turpentine. Its flowers are small, green or white in color. If you rub cinnamon leaves, it gives off a pungent odor. Cinnamon is used to cure many diseases.

The Benefits of Cinnamon and Rules of Eating

Cinnamon cures digestive diseases, toothache and headache, skin diseases and menstrual problems. It is also useful in diarrhea and tuberculosis. You must know that there are many benefits of using cinnamon. So, you can take advantage of using cinnamon in time.

Here are the benefits of cinnamon, diet and usage: –

Benefits of Cinnamon for Hiccups: Hiccups are very common, but there are many people who always complain of hiccups. Such people can use cinnamon. Drink 10-20 ml of cinnamon decoction. It gives relief.

Eat Cinnamon to increase appetite: Grind 500 mg dry ginger powder, 500 mg cardamom and 500 mg cinnamon. Playing before a morning-evening meal increases appetite.

Use of cinnamon to stop vomiting: Cinnamon is also used to stop vomiting. Make a decoction of cinnamon and cloves. Playing in the amount of 10-20 ml stops vomiting.

Use of Cinnamon in Eye Diseases: Many people complain that their eyes get dizzy. Apply cinnamon oil on the eyes (eyelids). This stops the blink of an eye and also increases vision.

Use of cinnamon for toothache: Those who are suffering from toothache can eat cinnamon. Apply cinnamon oil on the teeth with cotton. It will give relief. Make a paste by crushing 5-6 leaves of cinnamon. It makes the teeth clean and shiny.

Benefits of Cinnamon in Relieving Headaches: Eat Cinnamon for headaches. Make a paste by crushing 8-10 cinnamon leaves. Applying cinnamon paste on the scalp can provide relief from cold or hot headaches. After relief, wash off the paste.

Massage your scalp with cinnamon oil. It relieves cold headaches. Mix equal amounts of cinnamon, bay leaves and sugar. Make a fine powder by crushing rice with washing water. Take it by the nose. Then take cow’s ghee through the nose. It relieves headaches.

You can apply cinnamon oil on your scalp for nervous system problems. It is beneficial.

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Use of cinnamon for common cold and cough: Crush cinnamon in water, apply it as a hot paste. It is beneficial in curing cold. Cinnamon juice is extracted and applied on the scalp.

Use of cinnamon in cough disease: Use of cinnamon is beneficial in curing cough. People suffering from cough should take half teaspoon of cinnamon powder and 2 teaspoons of honey in the morning and evening.

It relieves cough. Make a decoction of cinnamon leaves. Cough is cured by playing 10-20 ml. Mix a quarter of cinnamon powder with a teaspoon of honey. It should be taken three times a day to relieve cough and diarrhea.

Benefits of Cinnamon in the treatment of rhinitis: Boil 36 grams of cinnamon, 600 mg of cloves and 2 grams of dried ginger in one liter of water. When the water is 250 ml, strain it. It can be taken three times a day for nasal congestion. You need to take 50 ml.

Benefits of Cinnamon in Flatulence: Cinnamon is very useful in many stomach related diseases. Mix 1 teaspoon of honey in 5 grams of cinnamon powder. Take it 3 times a day. Stomach bloating is cured.

Use of Cinnamon Powder for Cholesterol or Weight Loss: People who are overweight should take various measures to lose weight. You can also use cinnamon to reduce obesity. Mix two teaspoons of honey and three teaspoons of cinnamon powder (cinnamon and honey for weight loss) in one cup of water. Take it 3 times a day. It lowers cholesterol.

Use of cinnamon to stop diarrhea: Mix 1 teaspoon of honey in 5 grams of cinnamon powder. Take it 3 times a day. It is beneficial in diarrhea. Mix 750 mg cachu powder in 750 mg cinnamon powder. Drink with water three times a day.

This stops diarrhea. Similarly, crush 4 grams of cinnamon and 10 grams of catechu together. Add 250 ml of boiling water and cover it. After two hours, filter and drink in two. This stops diarrhea.

Mix 2-5 grams of cinnamon powder in Belgiri juice. Drinking it in the morning and evening is beneficial for diarrhea. Drinking 10-20 ml of cinnamon decoction is beneficial in stomach related diseases. Make a decoction of cinnamon root and bark. Drink it in the amount of 10-20 ml. It is useful in stomach ailments, diarrhea.

Use of cinnamon for stomach problems: Make a decoction with equal quantity of cinnamon (cinnamon), cardamom and bay leaves. It cures stomach cramps. 5-10 ml of cinnamon oil mixed with 10 g of sugar relieves abdominal pain and vomiting.

Benefits of Cinnamon in Intestinal Diseases: Cinnamon is used to keep the intestines healthy but good results are obtained. Cinnamon (cinnamon) oil massaged into the abdomen relieves intestinal pressure.

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Benefits of Cinnamon after Pregnancy : Take Trikatu, Peppermint, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Tejpat and Akarkara. Lick its powder with 1-2 grams of honey. As a result, the disease of women who become mothers is cured.

Benefits of Cinnamon in the fight against skin diseases: To cure skin diseases, mix honey and cinnamon and apply it on the affected part. You will see that itching, allergies, boils will start to get better in a few days.

Benefits of cinnamon in fever: Mix 5 grams cinnamon powder in 1 teaspoon of honey. Playing in the morning, afternoon and evening cures the contagious fever that comes with cold and cough.

the benefits of cinnamon

Benefits of Cinnamon for Deafness: Deafness is a disease that makes life difficult. Cinnamon is also useful in the treatment of deafness. For this, put 2 drops of cinnamon oil in the ear. There are benefits to deafness.

Stop bleeding using cinnamon: In case of bleeding from lungs or uterus, take 10-20 ml of cinnamon decoction. Drink decoction in the morning, afternoon and evening. It is beneficial. If there is bleeding from any part of the body, take one teaspoon of cinnamon powder with one cup of water. It should be eaten 2-3 times.

Use of cinnamon in the treatment of sinuses: Make a paste of cinnamon, black milk and barberry. Make a paste of it. A sore is formed in the sinuses inside the nose, apply on that sore. Fill the wound with it. It is beneficial in sinuses.

Benefits of Cinnamon in TB: Tuberculosis is a deadly disease that affects many people across the country. Cinnamon is beneficial in the treatment of TB. Tuberculosis patients should drink a small amount of cinnamon oil. It kills the TB germs.

Benefits of Cinnamon in the treatment of arthritis: Make a paste by mixing 20-30 grams of honey with 10-20 grams of cinnamon powder. Gently massage the painful area. It will benefit. Mix 1 teaspoon of honey and 2 grams of cinnamon powder in a cup of lukewarm water. Take it in the morning, afternoon and evening. Beneficial for gout. Applying cinnamon leaf oil also gives relief in arthritis.

Disadvantages of cinnamon

Anything like that is beneficial for someone, but not everyone will get benefit from it. It can also hurt other people. Similarly, cinnamon also has disadvantages, which are as follow: –

  • Eating too much cinnamon can cause headaches.
  • Cinnamon should not be given to pregnant women as it can cause miscarriage.
  • Even if you put cinnamon in the uterus, you can get pregnant.
  • Therefore, to avoid the harm of cinnamon, consult a doctor before use.
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Useful part of cinnamon

Cinnamon can be consumed in different ways, which are: –

  • Leaves
  • Bark
  • Original
  • Oil

How much cinnamon to eat?

Bark powder – 1 to 3 g
leaf powder – 1 to 3 g
oil – 2 to 5 drops

Where is Cinnamon Found or Born?

Cinnamon is cultivated in coastal and low lying areas of southwestern India, such as Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. Cinnamon tree 6-16 m tall and medium sized. Its leaves are pink and bright-green. Cultivated from July to December.

Cinnamon Frequently Asked Questions

How to use cinnamon in winter?

According to Ayurveda, eating cinnamon in winter is very beneficial. Although cinnamon is used as a spice in most homes, you can eat it in the form of tea or decoction if you wish. Adding cinnamon to tea enhances the taste of a tea and secondly protects it from cold.

Does cinnamon help to lose weight?

According to Ayurvedic experts, cinnamon improves metabolism, which helps in weight control. If you are bothered by weight gain, use cinnamon powder or a decoction made from it regularly. Remember to never eat too much cinnamon to get more benefits.

How to make cinnamon powder at home?

It is very easy to make cinnamon powder at home. For this, dry the cinnamon pieces in the sun. Next, grind the pieces into a mortar (a tool used for crushing). Put these crushed cinnamon pieces in a grinder and grind well. Now, your cinnamon powder is ready to use. Store it in a clean dry air tight container. Use it in limited quantities every day.

Does drinking cinnamon decoction increase immunity?

Cinnamon decoction is the best home remedy to increase immunity. Cinnamon is also included as the main ingredient in herbal decoctions prescribed by the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India. Cinnamon decoction should be used to get rid of seasonal diseases like cold-cough, sore throat etc.

Cinnamon is useful in preventing the virus?

According to the Ministry of AYUSH, it is very important to have strong immunity to protect against coronavirus. With this in mind, the Ministry of AYUSH has issued guidelines for people to drink herbal decoction (Immunity Booster Decoction).

Cinnamon also has medicinal properties that enhance immunity and hence cinnamon has been included as a major ingredient in this decoction. In addition to coronavirus infection, it is also effective in preventing minor infections in winter. So eat a limited amount of cinnamon every day.

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