The Benefits of Garlic and Uses Rules

The benefits of garlic is known to all more or less. The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to garlic is that garlic is very good for our heart. Garlic is one of the main ingredients in home remedies that have been around for ages.

Today we will talk about garlic which is an essential part of our daily diet and we will know that garlic plays an invaluable role not only in our heart disease but also in curing many other diseases.

Garlic is of two types. Some are monocoque and some are polygamous. Since the price of single cocoa garlic is a little higher, most cocoa garlic is used in most parts of Bangladesh. But the smell is a little bitter.

First of all, let’s find out what are the health benefits of garlic.

The benefits of garlic in maintaining good health

1. Garlic reduces the risk of heart disease: Garlic contains sulfur, a bio-active compound of mono-sulfur that helps prevent heart disease. In addition, eating garlic does not cause blood clots, so the risk of heart attack is greatly reduced. Those who are at risk of heart disease should eat two cloves of garlic every morning.

the benefits of garlic

2. Controls Cholesterol: Two cloves of garlic daily help reduce LDL lipoprotein in the liver and increase HDL lipoprotein. It also helps in reducing cholesterol synthesis in the liver.

3. Controls blood sugar: Sugar increases the amount of glucose in the blood. This disease is caused by the uneven secretion of insulin. Garlic contains a substance called allicin which regulates blood sugar by increasing the secretion of insulin. For this, you have to eat 2-3 cloves of garlic every morning by chewing or chopping it.

4. Controls blood pressure or hypertension: Garlic has been suggested by medical scientists as a suitable medicine for hypertension. But those who have high blood pressure can eat garlic along with other medicines. For this, two to three cloves of garlic should be eaten on an empty stomach every day. 

5. Acts as a natural antibiotic: One to two cloves of garlic per day will greatly increase your immunity.

6. Sexual benefit: Garlic also works well for sexual potency and sexual dysfunction. Helps to increase testosterone hormone in the male body and helps in producing healthy sperm. Two cloves of garlic per day are very beneficial.

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7. Control hives: Hives cause pain in the soles of the feet and sometimes in the fingers after waking up. It is better to eat garlic with other medicines to control these hives. Cut two to four cloves of garlic and put it on a plate.

After 10-15 minutes, eat this garlic on an empty stomach. If someone has a problem eating on an empty stomach, they can eat garlic after 30 minutes if they want. And if you want, you can apply garlic oil on the sore spot.

8. The benefits of garlic in increasing digestive power are unimaginable. Chewing a clove of garlic on an empty stomach in the morning helps to increase digestion. Garlic also helps to detoxify the body.

9. Controls weight: Eating garlic with lemon on an empty stomach in the morning reduces weight twice as fast.

10. Prevents cancer: Regular consumption of garlic greatly reduces the risk of cancer because garlic can regulate cancer cell division. Garlic contains high levels of antioxidants that control harmful free radicals. 

11. Cures tuberculosis: Along with other medicines, 15-20 drops of garlic juice should be mixed with a little water and eaten two to three times a day.

12. Colds get rid of coughs and boost the body’s immune system. Especially since garlic is a little hot in nature, eating garlic in winter reduces the chances of catching a cold and cough.

13. Reduces toothache. In case of sudden onset of pain or swollen gums, chew a clove of garlic and leave it in the corner of the tooth. After 30 minutes will help reduce the pain. Garlic also helps in curing pyrexia.

14. Garlic contains elements like potassium, phosphorus which help in strengthening our bones.

15. If the hands and feet are cut somewhere with wood or glass, the wound can be easily dried if the garlic is blended and bandaged in that place.

Moreover, garlic has an important role in morphology.

Rules for eating garlic 

Garlic contains anti-bacterial, antiviral antifungal and antioxidant elements. It also contains Iron, Vitamin B, Selenium and many other nutrients.

It also contains calcium, potassium, copper, phosphorus, iron and vitamin B-1.

Garlic should usually be eaten on an empty stomach in the morning. But it depends a lot on the reason and at what time you are consuming garlic. If you want to eat garlic, first cut it and leave it in an open place for about 14 minutes.

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Then the sulfonic acid present in garlic breaks down quickly and turns into allicin. Every 6 minutes 30 seconds, every 30 seconds, its quality increases. So its quality changes once every 6 minutes and twice every 14 minutes.

After 14 minutes, as the quality increased, they were asked to cut the garlic and leave it in the open for 14 minutes, then eat it raw or use it for cooking.

Those who cannot eat raw garlic, if they want, can chop 200 grams of garlic and mix it with 100 grams of honey and store it in a glass container and chew it little by little every morning.

But it is not right to eat more than two to three quarts of garlic every day unless it is very necessary. Garlic can be consumed in any season, winter or summer. 

The Benefits of fried garlic

Many people cannot eat garlic because of its strong odor. Many people think that eating garlic gives off a pungent odor on the face and body. So for them, fried garlic instead of raw garlic may be an option. Have to take it.

After eating fried garlic, like other foods, garlic starts the process of digestion immediately after eating. At this time the existing ingredients of garlic start mixing in the body.

After two to four hours the anti-cancer agent present in garlic starts working. And with it the antioxidants present in garlic also start working.

After four to six hours the T cells in the body which is our disease Increases immunity, accelerates the work of those T cells, and begins to shed the excess fat that has accumulated in our body. It satisfies the nutritional needs of the body.

Eating fried garlic at night, it is digested within 15-20 minutes and is used for various benefits in the body. It lowers cholesterol in the body and is beneficial for heart disease. 

The benefits of garlic in the cold

Garlic works very well for those who have phlegm in the chest or if they have regular cold and shortness of breath. If you can eat garlic in this way, the problem of cold will gradually disappear and you will not get cold easily in the future.

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2-3 cloves of small garlic and 2 cloves of large garlic is enough. 

The benefits of garlic for hair

Garlic oil plays a unique role in strengthening the hair follicles by preventing hair loss. Garlic contains minerals, phosphorus, and sulfur which strengthens our hair follicles.

Also, if the hair on any part of your scalp grows too much, rub the raw part of garlic on that place. The zinc and sulfur in garlic will help the hair to grow on the affected area.

To make garlic oil, you can first chop some garlic. Now take any oil of your choice, take it in a clean container and put it in the oven to heat for a while and you can add chopped garlic or whole garlic in it if you want.

Heat it for 5 minutes. And store it in an airtight glass container.

You can use this oil two to three days a week. And you can store this oil for up to 15 days. And it is good to know that this oil has no side effects and it plays an effective role in solving every problem of hair. The following posts are important to you

Side effects of raw garlic

Just as there are advantages to garlic, there are also some disadvantages or disadvantages to eating garlic without following the rules.

If someone has liver problems, they should refrain from eating raw garlic.

Raw garlic should not be eaten even if you have low blood pressure.

Many people have bad breath when they eat raw garlic, they can also eat fried garlic without eating raw garlic.

Also, garlic should not be taken with blood if one is taking blood thinners.

Garlic should not be consumed during pregnancy and mothers who are doing best feeding should also refrain from eating garlic as it may cause stomach ache in the baby. In addition, garlic should not be consumed before any surgery.

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