Surprising Ways To Care For Thin And Fine Hair

Because of its unique characteristics thin, coarse, and fine hair requires proper care and beauty routine. If you have thin hair, you must learn how to properly care for them. 

However, the very first thing you should do if you have thin hair is to exclude possible health issues that may cause potential hair loss. 

To do that, consult the healthcare professional. Losing hair at a faster rate (and having thin hair) may occur due to stress, genetic factors, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal changes, scalp psoriasis, scarring alopecia, and alopecia areata. All of these causes of thinning hair require certain treatments, sometimes doctors also prescribe people with hair loss oral medications. If you don’t have these issues, keep reading our article. Surprisingly, there are essential tips on how to make thin hair look healthy and avoid damaging them. 

Use Gentle Hair Products

Start with shampoo, because it is used more often than other products. Its composition should not damage the structure of the rods of sulfates, harmful parabens, alkalis, as well as silicones weighing down the curls. But keratin and silicon polymers will give volume. Shampoo may also contain useful and nourishing vitamins, plant extracts, and natural oils. All products (including conditioners, masks, and balms) you use have to be gentle, sulfate-free, and don’t contain harsh chemicals. 

Get Regular Hair Trims

Get a trim at least once every two or three months. You should go to the barber at least to remove split ends. In this case, their nutrition is not wasted: nutrients are distributed along the length of healthy and undamaged rods, which provides a healthy and well-groomed look and natural volume. Moreover, the right cut will make your hair look healthier and thicker. 

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Think Of Proper Styling

Proper Styling will give volume to your curls and make the hairstyle more textured and shaped. But it is important to style thin hair correctly. It is better to refuse flat-iron and hair dryers, but if you can’t do without such devices, then use thermal protectants that minimize the effects of thermal exposure. And it is better to use soft curlers that do not traumatize the curls and hair follicles. When choosing hair styling products, refuse weighty and gluing gels, giving preference to light foams, sprays, or mousses. If you have thin hair, refuse aggressive procedures that spoil and further thin the locks.

Wash Your Hair Properly

Some people wash their hair daily or at least 2 times a week, so this procedure has a direct impact on the condition of the hair. And how to do it right? First, use water at room temperature or warm: hot water stimulates the synthesis of sebum and accelerates the contamination of curls, making them greasy. Excessively cold water is not good for hair follicles and disrupts their nutrition. Secondly, thoroughly rinse shampoo from your hair, rinsing it several times. Thirdly, use high-quality, not too hard water for washing. If tap water leaves much to be desired, then replace it with mineral or filtered water.

Dry Your Hair Gently 

If you’ve just washed your hair and you need to dry it quickly and tidy it up, you can’t do without the help of a blow dryer. But drying should be gentle. First of all, choose the optimal heating temperature so that the air is not too hot. To give your curls volume, tilt your head down and dry in this position. Pay special attention to the root zone, lifting the hair with your fingers in this area and directing the airflow here. And before drying your hair you can apply an indelible care product that gives your hair additional volume and natural shine.

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Don’t Forget About Scalp Massage

Massage of the scalp with fingertips stimulates blood flow to the area, thereby saturating the follicles with nutrients and oxygen, awakening them, and activating them to accelerate the growth of curls and their thickening. Peeling has approximately the same effect, but it also removes keratinized particles of the dermis, excess sebum, as well as seborrheic scales, i.e. dandruff.

Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is the key to healthy hair. Get enough sleep (well, sometimes it is better to go to bed instead of enjoying Netflix or 22Bat games!), drink water, and opt for a balanced and healthy diet. Eat calcium-rich dairy and fermented milk products, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E, redfish, nuts, and natural oils. Eat beans, grains, and green vegetables rich in B vitamins and normalizing metabolic processes. 

As you see, having thin hair doesn’t mean you have to get discouraged. You just need to care for your hair properly and use gentle hair care products. 

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