The Benefits of Ginger and Rules of Using

You will learn about the benefits of ginger and its uses rules for different diseases in today’s post. Ginger is used in all homes. There will be hardly any house where ginger tea is not made. Ginger is also used as a vegetable in all homes.

In fact, eating ginger is so beneficial that ginger is used in every home every day. In addition, ginger has many properties. Did you know that ginger is also a herb, and is useful in diseases of the digestive system, inflammation, body aches, colds and coughs? Not only this, with the help of medicinal properties ginger is beneficial in heart disease, blood problems, piles etc.

The Benefits of Ginger

In Ayurveda, many good things are said about the properties of ginger, which is very important for you. Ginger can benefit from the medicinal properties of anorexia, indigestion, rheumatism. Ginger is also found in wounds, stones, fever, anemia and urinary tract infections. Let’s find out one by one here that ginger consumption is beneficial in many diseases, as well as let’s know what can be the side effects of ginger.

Ginger is fragrant. Ginger plants live for many years. It is about 90-120 cm high, tender. Every year new branches emerge from the rhizome. Its rhizome is white or yellow in color which is brown on the outside. Ginger has stripes and it is spherical as well as divided into one or more parts.

Here is detailed information about the benefits and disadvantages of ginger so that you can take full advantage of the medicinal properties of ginger.

Medicinal properties of ginger: Dry ginger is a cough suppressant, anti-inflammatory, stimulant, pain reliever, nerve stimulant, soothing, stimulant, deepening, digestive, aerating, antiseptic and astringent due to heat.

Warms up, stimulates the heart and blood vessels. Ginger is bitter and aliphatic, so it is good for coughing and shortness of breath. Due to its sharpness it also removes the source of obstruction in metabolism.

The amount and method of taking ginger or using medicine is as follows: –

Ginger benefits in relieving headaches: Mix 5 g dried ginger paste in 50 ml milk. Filter it and take it by nose. It cures severe headaches.

Treatment of ear pain with ginger’s medicinal properties: Heat the ginger juice lightly or you can cook it in oil by mixing ginger, honey and banana or you can mix four and give 1-2 drops to the ears. It cures ear pain.

Mix equal amounts of cath fruit juice, unripe lemon juice and ginger juice. Heat a little. Strain it and put 1-2 drops in the ear. It cures ear pain.
Mix ginger and licorice in olive oil. Heat a little. If you sift it and give 1-2 drops to the ear, it is very beneficial for ear pain.

Applying 2-5 drops of dried ginger juice on the ears relieves ear pain.

Use of ginger to cure toothache: There are benefits to using ginger for toothache. A piece of dried ginger pressed between the teeth cures toothache.

Cough is relieved by mixing 5 ml ginger juice with honey.

Ginger is used to fight coughs and colds: Drink 2 ml ginger powder mixed in 100 ml milk. It is beneficial in the cold.

Mix 2 teaspoons of ginger juice with honey and take it morning and evening. It is useful in diseases like shortness of breath, cold and cough.
Mix one-fourth honey in 5 ml ginger juice. Playing in the morning and evening cures shortness of breath, cough, cold and fever.
Drink ginger decoction twice a day to get rid of cold and cough.

Use ginger to stop vomiting: Mix 10 ml ginger juice and 10 ml onion juice and give it to the stomach.

Ginger has medicinal properties that are beneficial in colds
When your body gets cold and you feel very cold on a cold day, eat dried ginger juice mixed with garlic juice. Massage with it brings warmth to the body.

Ginger benefits in fighting fever: Drinking decoction of dried ginger and dhamsa is beneficial in fever.
Make a decoction by mixing equal quantities of dried ginger, gallbladder, nagarmotha, khus, red sandalwood and perfume. Drinking 10-30 ml of it is beneficial for fever and excessive thirst.

Make a decoction with dried ginger, gandhabala (fragrance), pitha papra, khus, motha and red sandalwood. Taking this decoction after cooling down can relieve fever and heartburn due to excessive thirst, vomiting and gallbladder.
If there is no appetite during fever, heat 1 g of 5 ml ginger juice and eat it.

Give 2 ml of fresh ginger juice on the first day. After that, increase the amount to 2 ml per day. In this way, if the amount reaches 20 ml, one month should be given in this way. Similarly, reduce it by 2 ml.

After the medicine is digested, food should be taken with milk or juice every day. Thus, ginger is beneficial in diseases like tumors, stomach ailments, piles, swelling, diabetes, shortness of breath, cold, loss of appetite, dyspepsia, rickets, jaundice, psychiatry, cough and phlegm.

Ginger is used for digestive disorders: 10-20 ml of ginger juice mixed with the same amount of lemon juice will be given to the patient to get rid of heartburn.

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Ginger benefits in indigestion: Eat the same amount of dried powdered food with molasses as before. It is useful in piles and constipation.

If someone has indigestion, take 2-3 grams of Harataki and dried ginger powder in equal proportions before meals. It is beneficial in indigestion.
Decoction of dried ginger, atis and nagarmotha helps in digestion of mango.

Take lukewarm water (2 gm) with dried ginger, atis, nagarmotha paste, just haritaki powder or dried ginger powder. It also helps in digestion of mango.

In the morning, if you feel like you are not digesting dinner, then eat mirbalan, dried ginger and banana powder with water. Take it in the afternoon or evening after a short meal.

Eating 10-20 grams of sringveradya ghee daily is beneficial in indigestion, pain, constipation, flatulence, arthritis, back pain, intestinal diseases.
Eat 2-3 grams of haritaki and dried ginger in equal quantities every day. It is eaten or mixed with molasses in dried ginger powder every day to improve digestion. It cures diseases of the digestive system and is beneficial in the case of piles.

Make a decoction of dried ginger. Digestive power is strengthened by drinking honey mixed in 10-30 ml.
Make decoction with equal quantities of coriander and dried ginger. Digestive power is maintained by playing in the amount of 10-30 ml.
Add 5 ml lemon juice to 1-2 g dried ginger powder. Mix in four times sugar syrup. Add 1 gram trikatu powder and drink it. It improves digestion and increases appetite.
Mix 1 g dried ginger powder with 2-5 g bell paste. Drink it with molasses and eat butter milk. It is beneficial in dyspepsia.

The use of ginger in the treatment of acidity: Make a decoction of dried ginger and parval. Take it in the amount of 10-30 ml. It cures acidity, vomiting, itching, fever, boils and heartburn.

Use ginger to increase appetite: Fever, indigestion, excessive thirst and loss of appetite can be cured by cooking dried ginger and pita papa. Take 5-10 grams daily.

Cook dried ginger, absinthe, nagarmotha and guduchi and eat 5 grams each. It cures fever, excessive thirst and hunger.
Mix equal amounts of dried ginger powder in 1 gram of barley. Add twice as much ghee. This eliminates the lack of hunger.

Eat 2 grams of dried ginger powder with hot water every morning. It also eliminates hunger.

Applying 2 g of dried ginger powder with ghee or just dried ginger powder with hot water every morning increases appetite.
Eating salt and ginger chutney at the beginning of every meal cures tongue and throat diseases. Appetite increases and the heart becomes stronger.

Ginger pickle increases appetite: Put equal amounts of carom seeds, fenugreek, myrobalan and dried ginger powder. Playing in the amount of 2-4 grams relieves the pain. This leads to hunger.

Ginger benefits to stop diarrhea: Pipli, dried ginger, coriander, bhutik, haratki, vacha and haribar, nagarmotha, bell, dried ginger and coriander leaves are used to stop diarrhea.

Add equal amount of ghee with 3-6 grams of dried ginger powder. Cover and cook with castor sheets. Mix equal amount of sugar candy in ripe powder and take it in the morning, it cures diarrhea and colic.

Drinking water cooked with dried ginger is beneficial in diarrhea: In case of diarrhea due to cough and common ailments, take 1-2 grams of dried ginger in lukewarm water. It is profitable.

Ginger Ghee is useful in inflammation, intestinal diseases, common diseases, anemia, spleen diseases, cough and fever.
Make a decoction with dried ginger, poppy seeds, bell kernel, collard greens, coriander, mustard juice. Drinking 10-30 ml is beneficial in diarrhea and gallbladder fever.

Make a decoction by mixing coriander (10 g) and dried ginger (10 g). Give 10-30 ml to the patient in the morning and evening. It cures fever, pain and diarrhea.

Make a circle around the navel with amalki or lentil paste. Fill it with ginger juice. Let the patient stay still for as long as possible. It stops diarrhea and relieves the pain of diarrhea.

Benefits of Ginger for Flatulence: Ginger juice can be taken warm in milk and chewed to get relief from stomach ailments.
Playing ginger paste with milk gives immediate relief from gas and stomach ailments.

Eat dried ginger powder (2-4 grams) with milk or grapefruit juice. This eliminates the problem of gas in the stomach.

Mix 25 gms black sesame seeds (without husk), 100 gms molasses and 50 gms shunthi powder. Playing 2-5 grams with milk is beneficial in stomach gas, intestinal diseases and vaginal pain due to arthritis.

Stomach ache is relieved by mixing 25 mg asafoetida and solar salt (1 gm) in a 25-50 ml decoction of dried ginger and castor root.

Use ginger for body aches: Make a decoction of equal amounts of dried ginger, castor root and barley. Drinking 25-50 ml of it relieves body aches.

Make a decoction of dried ginger and mustard and drink it in the amount of 10-30 ml.

In 10-30 ml of dried ginger decoction add 1 g of bit salt, 125 mg of asafoetida and 2 g of dried ginger powder. It is beneficial in diseases like heart pain, rib pain, back pain, ascites and cholera.

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If there is a complaint of constipation, its powder should be drunk with yar decoction.

Ginger is used in the treatment of cholera: Decoction of dried ginger and bell (10-30 ml) is beneficial in vomiting and cholera.
Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Make a tablet equal to its black pepper (65 mg). These tablets can be taken with mild hot water to cure cholera.

Medicinal properties of ginger in the treatment of diarrhea: Make decoction with water with equal quantity of dried ginger, nagarmotha, atis and gilo. This decoction taken in the morning and evening (20 to 25 ml) is beneficial in dyspepsia, chronic constipation and dyspepsia.

Ginger benefits in curing intestinal diseases: Drinking giloy, atis, dried ginger and nagarmotha decoction (20 to 25 ml twice daily) is beneficial in intestinal diseases.

Use of ginger for stomach ailments: Mix equal amounts of vinegar and ginger. It cures diseases of the digestive system.
Cook 100 ml lemon, mint and ginger juice in a silver bowl and thicken. Playing it keeps the digestive system good.

Eating ginger before meals every day cleanses the tongue and throat. It cures bloating, heart disease, flatulence, piles, constipation and flatulence.

Eat regularly by mixing ginger with honey. It is useful in bloating, loss of appetite, heart disease, flatulence, stomach ailments, cough, shortness of breath and fever. Its use with molasses benefits the eyes. Digestive energy is fine.

Mix half ginger juice and honey in equal parts. Drinking it is beneficial in stomach ailments.

Cook ginger juice ten times in sesame oil. Drinking it gives immediate relief in stomach ailments.

Make a paste with dried ginger, chlorophyll, bohera and amla in equal proportions. Cook ghee by mixing two and a half liters of beef ghee and sesame oil, two and a half liters of curd water. Filter it when it’s ready. Take 10-20 grams of this ghee in the morning and evening. It is useful in all types of stomach ailments. It is also useful in cough, rheumatism and flatulence.

Dry Ginger, Indrayab and Chitrak in equal quantity (2-4 gms) with lukewarm water every morning and evening is very beneficial in rheumatism.

Ginger benefits in fighting jaundice: Jaundice is relieved by mixing 3-5 grams of indrayan and dried ginger molasses with equal amounts of molasses.

Ginger, triphala and molasses are taken in equal proportions to cure jaundice.

Use of ginger in the treatment of piles: Consumption of the same amount of Chitrak’s root and dried ginger powder is beneficial in piles disease. Decoction of dried ginger and coriander leaves (10-30 ml) should be taken in dry piles.

Piles are cured by playing Chatur Som Modak (Modak made with dried ginger, vilav, bidra and molasses).
Mix double molasses in 2-4 grams of dried ginger powder. Taking these pills is beneficial for common ailments.

Make powder with sugar, paprika, dried ginger and chlorophyll in equal proportions. Playing with this powder (2-4 grams) of molasses ends the piles.

Take 2-4 grams of patha and boil powder or celery and patha or dried ginger and patha. This cures the pain of piles. Mix equal amounts of molasses, ghee and ardak in sattu. Playing with kanji relieves constipation and cures piles etc.

Ginger decoction made in 10-20 ml piles and constipation relieves swelling and pain.

Ginger benefits in the treatment of urinary tract diseases: Mix 2 teaspoons of dried ginger juice with sugar and take it in the morning and evening.

Boil 1 g dried ginger, 1 g kateli root, 1 g roots, 1 g spinach and 10 g molasses in 250 ml milk. Drinking in the morning and evening is beneficial in diseases like urinary pain, urinary incontinence, fever and swelling.

Ginger benefits for the treatment of leprosy: Make powder with equal parts of dried ginger, mother leaves, ginger leaves, water, large cardamom and kundu. Make a paste of Palash alkali and cheese. Apply the paste and sit in the sun until it dries. It breaks down leprosy and heals wounds quickly.

Ginger is used for testicular disorders: The testicles are enlarged by mixing 2 teaspoons of honey with 10-20 ml of juice. Mix 5-6 gms of honey in 5-10 ml of ginger juice and take it in the morning and evening, it is beneficial for enlargement of testicles, cold etc.

5 ml of ginger juice mixed with equal amounts of mustard oil is taken daily in the morning to cure testicular disease.

the benefits of ginger

Ginger benefits for rheumatism: Make a decoction of paprika and dried ginger and drink 20 ml in the morning and evening to cure gout. Make a decoction of dried ginger and castor root. Arthritis pain is relieved by mixing 125 mg asafoetida and 1 g solar salt in 10-20 ml decoction.

Drink equal amounts of ginger juice, matulanga juice, chukra and molasses mixed with ghee or oil. It cures back pain, flatulence, sciatica and intestinal diseases.

Mix ginger juice or matung juice in oil and ghee and drink it after giving chukra and molasses. It cures back pain, flatulence, sciatica and intestinal diseases.

Benefits of Ginger in Inflammation Problems: Take equal parts of dried ginger, pipple, jamalgota, chitrak mool and bhai bidang. Add twice the amount of chlorophyll powder. 3-6 grams of this powder is taken in lukewarm water in the morning and evening to get rid of swelling.

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Take equal quantities of dried Ginger, Pippali, Gajpippali, Chhota Kateri, Chitrak Mool, Pipla Mool, Turmeric, Cumin and Motha. Filter them with a cloth. Mix the powder. Take 2 grams of this powder thrice a day with lukewarm water. It cures common inflammation and chronic inflammation of the disease.

Ginger juice mixed with 10 to 20 ml of molasses in the morning to remove the swelling. At this time eat only goat’s milk.
Take one-fourth ginger paste, four times ginger juice and cow’s milk. Add 750 grams of ghee. Cook it and eat it every day. It cures inflammation.

Mix half amount of old molasses in 5-10 ml ginger juice. Take it only when feeding goat’s milk. It cures all types of inflammation.
Ginger and molasses are mixed in equal proportions and the swelling is relieved by playing for one month.

Benefits of Ginger in Blood Bile (Problems of Bleeding from Nose-Ear-Anus-Vagina): Drinking 5 ml of ginger juice mixed with molasses is beneficial in hemoptysis (nose-ear-rectal-vaginal bleeding problem).

Ginger benefits in the fight against respiratory diseases: Mix 1 g of paprika and 1 g of dried ginger powder. Playing with 5 ml of ginger juice at bedtime is very beneficial for asthma.

Mix 2 teaspoons of ginger juice with honey and take it morning and evening. It is useful in respiratory diseases.

Ginger benefits to get rid of joint pain: Add 500 ml sesame oil to one liter of ginger juice and cook on fire. When the juice is burnt, only oil remains, take it down and strain it. This oil is good for joint pain when massaged on the body.

Crush dry ginger, sesame and molasses in equal proportions. Drink it in the amount of 2-4 grams with 50-100 ml of milk. This cures arthritis pain in 3-6 days.

Use ginger in syncope: Ginger and molasses should be mixed in equal quantities and eaten every morning for 7 days with triphala powder. Eat honey-flavored triphala with it at night. Adhere to that diet. It is useful in diseases like laziness, fainting, jaundice and mania.

Ginger is used to treat influenza: Mix 6 g of honey in 6 ml of ginger juice and eat 3-4 times a day. It cures influenza.

Ginger benefits for skin diseases: Mix 10-12 grams of old molasses in 25 ml of ara juice and take it daily, it cures skin diseases like cholera.

Take 750 grams ginger, 200 grams ghee, 1.5 liters milk, 750 grams sugar. Take 50 gms of Pippali, Pippalimul, Chilli, Dried Ginger, Chitrakmool, Vividing, Nagarmotha with it. Also take nagkesar, cinnamon, small cardamom, bay leaves and vedana.

Cook all these ingredients and eat 5-10 grams every morning. It improves digestion. Strength, semen increase and weakness of the body is eliminated. Skin diseases like bile secretion, tuberculosis, blood bile etc. are cured.

Drinking 5 ml ginger juice mixed with molasses is beneficial in bile disease.

Ginger’s beneficial part

This part of ginger is used: –


How to use Ginger?

Ginger should be used in this amount:

  • Powder 1-2 g
  • extract – 0.3-0.6 ml
  • Moisture juice – 5-10 ml

Disadvantages of ginger

Ginger in large quantities (6 grams or more) can also cause these problems: –

  • Heart disease
  • Disorders of the central nervous system
  • Gastric disorder
  • High blood pressure
  • Ginger should not be eaten during pregnancy.
  • Ginger should not be used in children with gallstones due to bile defects and fever.

Here is information about the advantages and disadvantages of ginger written in very simple language so that you can take full advantage of the medicinal properties of ginger but use ginger for any disease. Please consult an Ayurvedic doctor before doing this. Doctor

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Ginger

Does playing ginger increase immunity?

According to Ayurvedic experts, ginger has many properties that help boost the body’s immune system. Therefore, Ayurvedic practitioners recommend eating a limited amount of ginger to protect against diseases (such as colds) in the winter season and climate change.

Remember that as a home remedy for any disease, ginger should be eaten in limited quantities as eating too much can harm your health.

Is eating ginger beneficial for asthma patients?

One of the main causes of shortness of breath in asthma patients is the accumulation of phlegm and ginger has the property of calming the phlegm. According to experts, if ginger juice is taken with honey, it is very effective in reducing the symptoms of asthma because both ginger and honey help to soothe the phlegm.

How to consume ginger in the winter season?

Ginger can be used in many ways in the winter season. If you want, you can mix ginger tea or chutney or ginger juice with honey. A small amount of ginger can also be added as a spice to home-made vegetables every day.

How to use ginger to relieve phlegm?

Increased phlegm in winter is a common problem. Coughing causes frequent coughing and a sore throat. Ginger juice can be mixed with honey to get rid of these cough related problems.

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